Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snow and Ice ~ February Special Edition

Just for my own memory bank...I am doing a mid-month post.  It's all about snow...and more snow. And then some. Oh yes...and a lot of ice on top of that!  Let's start with the last snow storm of this winter that began last Friday.

90 centimeters of snow is a lot.  And then it all got whipped up by the wind...

...and soon we were shoveling out from under!

Our road is considered a secondary priority road and so the graders...

...and snow plows did a great job of keeping the road open.  Elmer brought the tractor and loader to clear the driveway several times a well as most of the neighbour's driveways.

Keeping a pathway to the front door was another challenge!

I shoveled it several times a day...

...but it always looked like this in a few hours!

Yup...I had my work cut out for me.

Marg came calling...and wondered why she had to crawl through a tunnel to get to the front door!

The back was even worse.  Somewhere under all that snow...we will find the pathway to the back patio come spring!

Marg thought the snow cave on the back patio was the perfect place to get out of the wind.

That has been my office window view this past week...mostly obscured by snow drifts.

The kitchen window view was quite lovely when the sun came out...

...or as it set. Listening to the wind howling was not so pleasant though!

District schools have been closed most of the week...and buses were not running. After six snow days...we heard things were going to be warming up today.

I woke up this morning to this...frosted glass on my bedroom window!

The kitchen window was the same.  Coated with ice!

The pick-up should not have been left outside for night.  It wouldn't be going anywhere in a hurry.

Everything was covered in ice.

It was rather pretty once the sun came out.

The rail fence never looked so good!

But it was a little hard to see the beauty as I looked at the mess of trees lying on the driveway. 

Three of the ten are broken beyond repair.  We listened to the sound breaking branches and crashing ice this morning...and then the  power went out. 

The ice cottage :)

And somewhere under that frozen snow bank...was the path I had shoveled clean yesterday afternoon.

I went looking for it one more time!  I am done.  No more snow. Bring on the spring! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chapter One. January ~ 2017

And just like that...the first chapter of 2017 has been written.  It was a cold one in our part of the world...with much more snow than we are accustomed to.  I just noticed that most of the photos I took this month were snow pic' be prepared!

Though I am a little weary of snow already...I never tire of the view of the snow-capped peaks to the east of our place.

The cranberry bog has been a frozen pond since December.

We had a lot of  'shifting snow'...

...we are still dealing with the last of the drifts around our yard...though the fields are now bare. The weatherman says we will have more on the weekend.

The drainage ditches never looked as good as they did this winter!

Unfortunately...the winds that moved the snow also took down one of our trees.  Over the years, we planted a tree for each of our grandchildren.  The twin cedars were our 'Emme and Spencer trees'...and now one of them is no longer standing.  It just so happened that the girls were staying at our place the night the tree went down.  We have a plan though.  We will remove the second cedar as well, and let the girls each choose their own tree this time.

While their parents were on vacation...Emme, Spencer and Ryder stayed with us.  Ryder would sit at the bar, having his breakfast and watching sports in the morning.  It totally reminded me of his father not so very many years ago....a tousle-haired smiling boy cozying with a blanket in the morning before getting dressed for the day.  They were a delight to have!  We played games, cooked some of their favorite foods, and had a lot of laughs. They were not a speck of trouble...

...unlike their pup who was 'holding down the fort' on the farm.  He didn't like being left behind...and decided to break through his fence.  He visited neighbours...caused trouble in the barns...and (when all else failed) was incarcerated in his kennel for the last few days. Sigh.

My milestone birthday was well-celebrated...several times over.  Bill (brother), Jeanne, Matthew and Kiley from well as Kathy & Jim from Manitoba came for a visit earlier this month.  We all went out for dinner one night and then to dad's for coffee.  'Coffee' turned out to be a bit of a birthday surprise...with ice-cream cake, balloons and birthday wishes galore.  How special to have my 94-year-old dad prepare everything...from setting up an extra table to finding seating in his kitchen for 15 people! Thanks dad.  That is a birthday celebration I won't ever forget.  I have had my cake and eaten it too...with friends and family!  I am still enjoying the beautiful flowers. 

Do not regret growing older.
It is a privilege denied to many. 

So true!  And I have much to be thankful for.

Last week we visited Harrison Hotsprings...

...beautiful in any season!

It was the first time I recall seeing the lagoon frozen over.

I would like to end my post here.  With all the happy/lovely or just everyday things that happened in January.  But...there was something else that touched us deeply.  Good friends of ours lost their son-in-law in a tragic accident last week.  Their daughter is a young mom who lost the love of her life.  Their grandson no longer has a father. It was such a reminder to me that life can change in an instant. I need to treasure today.  Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come.  But we have this moment today.

And here are just a few of the moments I treasured today.  Sunshine.  My kitchen view. A good friend who came for coffee.  A walk around Cheam Wetlands Park...where the pond is still frozen but so lovely.

Thanks for stopping by 'my front porch'.  Have  a wonderful February!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Inaugural surprises...

Inauguration ~ the beginning or introduction of a new period. 
 My official inauguration into old age began on the 19th.

We decided to spend the inaugural night in Vancouver...

...and thought that a night at the new Trump Hotel on inauguration eve might just be fitting.

A friend has been involved with the construction of  this hotel...
we had heard many stories about it...
and decided we would go check it out in person.

The reservation was made one month in advance...
through Expedia.

Yesterday we showed up at the new hotel...
reservation confirmation in hand.

Doormen, hostesses and guest services personnel welcomed us warmly. 
They invited us in...
and then informed us that the hotel was not quite ready for guests.
They had made new arrangements for our stay in the city...
at a lovely nearby hotel and would escort us there if we were willing.
They would be covering our tab.
Would we accept their very sincere apologies...
and their alternate accommodations?

Why of course!
We had a brief glimpse of the new Trump Hotel...
were invited to come back soon for a better look...
and had a lovely lady escort us to Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

There we had several more surprises!

Today we watched the inaugural ceremonies from our room at the Rosewood...
enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine along the waterfront...
and took care of business while we were in Vancouver.

And that is how I marked my 65th birthday.

There have been many more surprises sprung on me these past few days.
I'll share some of those with  you one day soon. :)

As for old age...
it's going well so far!